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Whats all the fuss about AirBnb?

Airbnb is the world’s leading marketplace to list, discover and book unique, local accommodation.

Accessible online, by tablet or smart phone Airbnb is the easiest platform for people to monetise their property and showcase it to an audience of millions, listing a property on Airbnb enables hosts to reach a much wider pool of potential guests

Who can be an Airbnb Host?
There are 3 types of Airbnb host – homeowners with a spare room to rent who want to make a few extra pounds with their available space, holiday home owners who want a stable secondary source of income, and property investment landlords who want to build a serious Airbnb business that will eventually become their main source of income.
How does Airbnb work?

Airbnb hosts list their properties – which can be studio apartments, penthouse apartments, moored yachts or entire houses – on the Airbnb website.

It’s free to create a listing, and hosts decide a nightly, weekly or monthly rate and set out cleaning charges, house rules and other booking conditions. Each listing allows hosts to promote properties through snappy titles, detailed descriptions and enticing photographs.

Guests can search the database of properties at any time, but must have an Airbnb profile to book any reservations. Guests can contact hosts and can submit a reservation request onLine, once a reservation is agreed payment details are entered via a secure payment system.

I have heard horror stories about guests who cause damage, how can I avoid that?

Perhaps the biggest concern for hosts is that there is a potential for their property to get damaged.

While the majority of booking transactions occur without incident, there are occasionally stories in the media about homes being damaged and misused, but hosts can help limit risks by using Airbnb features to restrict instant booking and by insisting that guests meet minimum requirements including: Verified ID, comprehensive profiles, good reviews, by engaging in discussions with the guest before accepting their booking, and by utilising the secure payment platform and the Host Guarantee.

Above all instructing an experienced property manager to handle bookings and greet guests is the best way to avoid pitfalls.

Isn’t becoming a host a huge commitment?

There is a lot of work involved in becoming a super host, it takes time and effort to earn great reviews, which you will rely upon to boost your bookings.

It takes time and effort to properly present your property and to create a fantastic listing that will stand out and attract guests. You also have to be on hand daily to answer questions from potential guests, to accept reservations and provide directions, recommendation and information about the local area and all this even before checking in and checking out, cleaning and linen changeovers!